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We have all watched company after company, industry after industry, make decisions to outsource functions previously considered too proprietary or critical to ever trust with outsiders (IT, HR, Payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and such). So we shouldn’t be surprised that sales and marketing is rapidly moving up the list of business processes now receiving that same consideration.

Sale and marketing outsourcing is fast gaining momentum, perhaps because of challenges resulting from the economic downturn, but more likely because business, competitive and specialization trends continue forcing companies to find ever more efficient, scalable and effective solutions to generating revenue.

In actual practice, sales and marketing outsourcing itself is not a new model. The outsourcing of sales related telemarketing, a transactional, high volume activity, has been an established approach for decades. Likewise, many specialized marketing services have traditionally been outsourced, including advertising, branding, public relations, graphic design and marketing research

Growth hackers helps clients develop sales pipelines, drive revenue, and capture the types of reference customers that are crucial to growing companies.

We create a sales strategy and execute the sales plan for a variety of companies, which gives us a big picture view of our clients’ business problems and opportunities and allows us to create a sales strategy based on data and focused on growth.