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What do you mean by outsourcing sales & marketing?

Marketing as understood in business a bunch of activities that spans across Branding, Positioning, Pricing, Communication, Promotion Etc. It requires people with diverse skills and competency to come together to be able to get termed as a marketing team. And, those resources come at a cost!!! For any Start-up or emerging business capital is that one scarce thing that prevent them from building a robust marketing team and going to market.
This is exactly where Marketing Process Outsourcing, one of the flagship services at Growth hackers, comes into play. We act as an outsourced marketing team for our clients and manage their day-to-day marketing activities. And, when we say marketing, we mean entire gamut of the same and not just one or two random stuff.
Secondly, marketing is often confused to sales. As a matter of fact, marketing is an enabler to sales and hence when you outsource marketing you are actually outsourcing your sales enabler as well, though indirectly. We don’t cater to direct, on-road selling activities.